SNARK 20120808r022

SNARK is an automated theorem-proving program being developed in Common Lisp. Its principal inference rules are resolution and paramodulation. SNARK's style of theorem proving is similar to Otter's.

Some distinctive features of SNARK are its support for special unification algorithms, sorts, nonclausal formulas, answer construction for program synthesis, procedural attachment, and extensibility by Lisp code.

SNARK has been used as the reasoning component of SRI's High Performance Knowledge Base (HPKB) system, which deduces answers to questions based on large repositories of information, and as the deductive core of NASA's Amphion system, which composes software from components to meet users' specifications, e.g., to perform computations in planetary astronomy. SNARK has also been connected to Kestrel's SPECWARE environment for software development.




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