RPMs for Fedora Installations

Here is a collection of RPMs that I have put together. They are here for me to test. Those that seem satisfactory will eventually be pushed into either Fedora or RPM Fusion, depending on licensing issues. If an RPM disappears from this page, then I have either found it unsatisfactory or migrated it into one of those two collections.

Note: Due to space problems, I am not able to post binary RPMs on this web page. Furthermore, some of the programs listed here are distributed under non-free licenses, so I cannot provide the sources either. Hence, all you get is either src or norsrc RPMs.

The Packages

Packages that Fedora can take

These packages are freely distributable. I provide source RPMs for each.

“Free” Packages with Fedora-incompatible licenses

These packages are supposedly free software or open source, but include license terms that are incompatible with the Fedora distribution.

Non-Free Packages

These packages have restrictive licenses. I do not provide the sources. You have to download those yourself after signifying your agreement with the license terms. All I provide is a nosrc RPM.

Packages without licenses

These packages are clearly intended to be free, given statements by their authors. However, the authors have failed to provide a clear license, making them unacceptable to repositories with lawyers.

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